Hi !!!  We are Paul and Louise Shapcott

and one of our hobbies is researching ...


Shapcott Family History


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We are working on a general study of the surname Shapcott and other variant ways of spelling the name i.e. -

Shapcote,  Shipcott, Shipcote, Shapcotte etc.  


We are gradually gathering information regarding the various sections of the Shapcott family.  

There are some definite branches which are starting to link up to form a much bigger family tree.


We have been liaising with several other Shapcott researchers,

and we have put together a large database of information.


We have registered our interests with “The Guild of One-Name Studies

or “Goons” and our membership reference is # 4023.

We hope that other Shapcott researchers will wish to join the

Shapcott One Name Study Group.


If you share the  Shapcott / Shipcott  name or have a connection with this family,

and are interested in tracing your family’s history, we would be very happy to try and help you ,

and to share any information we have gathered.  


Perhaps you may be well be able to help us with some new information

regarding your own branch of the family.

We would love to hear from you.


We are also interested to discover just how far and wide Shapcotts are dispersed from their homeland of North Devon,

and to learn more about their individual stories and varied ways of life.


We are looking forward to hearing from you ....  So please do feel free to Contact Us


We are currently working on uploading the Shapcott Family Trees

onto the Ancestry website at:



These are some of the trees already uploaded

and Louise is gradually adding Census, Historical data and Photos to them.


Main Shapcott Tree


Whitestone / Exeter Shapcotts


Shapcotes of Stepney


Canada1 Shapcotts



We will be adding more family trees soon ..... so watch this space !!!


To view any of the family trees:


If you are already a member of Ancestry just log into your account as normal



The Shapcott Family Trees are “Public Trees”


If you are not already a member of Ancestry


Please Contact Us


and we will send you a Guest Invitation to view the relevant family trees.








Please Feel Welcome To Enter our Shapcott Website












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