Branch C.  Henry Shapcott & Frances Jago And Their Descendants


Henry Shapcott - Shipwright (b. 1794)



Henry Shapcott was born in 1794 in East Looe, son of John Shapcott and Ann Hicks.


Henry was baptised  5 September 1794  at the church of St Martin-By-Looe.


He was known as “Harry”.


Henry Shacott married Frances Jago on  22 August 1822 at St Martin-By-Looe.


She was born in approx. 1792 in St Martin-By-Looe.


Child of Henry Shapcott and Frances Jago:



C.1. Robert Henry Shapcott


Born:  Approx. 1823, East Looe, Cornwall



Henry was a Shipwright by Trade, presumably having served an apprenticeship.


For a great many years shipbuilding and fishing were of major importance to the towns of Looe, dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. (See Chapter 10.  All About Looe – Section 8. on Shipbuilding)


Looe had a profitable sea-going commercial fleet, carrying wine, iron, fruit, cloth traded for Cornish copper and tin and fish.   Ships ventured to the Mediterranean ports, Ireland, Wales and even Newfoundland. Looe was a chief market for fish, exporting huge quantities of salted pilchards.


Henry was an Alderman of Looe in the 1830’s & 1840’s, and he owned considerable property in the area.


Henry Shapcott specialised in building 2 and 3 masted Schooners, he was very successful, and became well respected locally.















































Frances Shapcott

Robert Shapcott

Harry Shapcott

Henry Davies

George Rabley












Wife of Shipwright

Shipwright’s Apprentice

Shipwright’s Apprentice

Shipwright’s Apprentice

Shipwright’s Apprentice



Note - On the 1841 Census ages were estimated to the nearest 5 years.


The Harry Shapcott above was Henry’s nephew.


An Aricle from

“A History of East and West Looe”


By Joan Keast


“Prior to 1846 the site of the Mechanics Institute in Higher Market Street was occupied by the Market House and the butchers’ stalls.  On 29th September 1846 the lease of the upper part of the Market House was let for 99 yrs and 5/- per annum to provide a lecture room, reading room and museum.  The Trustees were Robert Henry Shapcott, Shipwright, Henry Shapcott, Shipwright, Thomas Hicks, Carpenter, James Hicks, Cordwainer, and Clement Jackson, Gentleman.”



In 1851 just Henry and  his wife are recorded as living in:


Fore Street, East Looe, Cornwall







Henry Shapcott

Frances Shapcott

Mary A. Blatchford















Shipbuilder employing 6 men







East Looe, Cornwall

St Martins, Cornwall

Lansallos, Cornwall

In an 1856 “Directory of Cornwall :


Captain Henry Shapcott was listed as being a member of the “Gentry of Looe”.


Henry’s wife, Frances Shapcott (née Jago) died in December 1858 in East Looe, aged 66 years.


She was buried on the 24 December 1858 at St Martin-By-Looe.






  An article from the “The West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser” dated 1837




On Thursday, the 5th instant, a fine new schooner was launched at East Looe, from the yard of Mr. Henry Shapcott, in the presence of some hundreds of spectators, who were highly gratified at the sight.  The launch was as fine a one as ever was seen in Cornwall, and the evening was spent in the greatest harmony at the Buller Arms, where an excellent supper was provided, and partaken of by upwards of one hundred persons.  After the cloth was removed, many appropriate toasts were drunk in flowing bowls of punch.  The schooner is about 130 tons burthen, and is called the "Caroline".  We wish her success.



When the 1841 Census was taken in Looe Henry seems to have been away from home, perhaps onboard ship or on business.   However his wife Frances and son Robert were recorded as living in :


Fore Street, East Looe, Cornwall


Ref:  H0 107/153/12  Page 11 Folio 24

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